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‘Christmas Rose’ is a lovely, unique holiday record


Reviewed by Carson James

Artist: Bronn Journey

Title: Christmas Rose

Bronn Journey probably only intended this album to be played during the holidays, but Christmas Rose has something else going for it. It’s a lovely, ear-soothing work, one that can be appreciated at any time of the year. Of course, the notes of “We Three Kings” and “Drummer Boy” are such an indelible part of our lives that we cannot separate them from the season in which they are normally only heard. However, there are performances and unique touches here, such as the Oriental flavors of “Pat-a-Pan” and the world-music undertow of “Drummer Boy,” that’ll make them tasty treats the whole year.

Journey’s rendition of “We Three Kings” is drop-dead gorgeous; sumptuous strings produce layers of silky lushness. Journey doesn’t play as much as weave; there is magic here, a spellbinding network of emotion and atmosphere. “Christmas Time is Here” will probably be best known for its use in the Charlie Brown Christmas TV special. Here, Journey gives it a handsomely fragile and star-sparkling treatment.

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